New edition of “Pure fantasy” book series

Publisher RUGRAM reprinted books from “Pure fantasy” series by H.L.Oldie. Books released in a new typography, with totaly fresh cover art.


Shmagic is a whimsical fantasy novel that follows the brooding hero Andrea Musculus, a wizard-malefic from Rettia Kingdom, who is pushed to investigate the disappearance of some children from the small town of Yatritsa. Andrea questions the brash locals, flirty witches, and resolute demon hunters who inhabit the town and surrounding forest, and he comes across local people with a weak power called “shmagic.” When a missing child returns all alone and talks of a strange place where a little girl was playing, Andrea’s investigation extends into another world, where supernatural powers threaten Yatritsa locals and Rettia alike. But just as the mystery of the missing children deepens, Andrea becomes obsessed with the “shmagic” of the local people, uncertain what it might mean for wizards like him. Before he can focus on battling the forces that are responsible for the missing children, he must overcome an internal struggle — a wizard’s existential dilemma.

The novel “ShMagic” opens a cycle of ironic adventurous fantasy called “Absolute Fantasy”.


The Asylum for Heroes

Six guests of the “The Asylum of Heroes” hotel have disappeared as a result of a night raid by mysterious intruders. The investigation of the crime is entrusted to two competing services, but Baron von Schmutz, chief quisitor of the Vigilant Order, and the highest-qualified magician Henrietta Kukol, Vigilla of the Quiet Tribunal, do not yet know where their paths of investigation will lead. Perhaps it will be the sinister Churih, a nest of necromancers, or the citadel of the Black and White Mayorat, where in ancient times the master of the most ridiculous of knightly orders stepped from the balcony into eternity…

“The Asylum of Heroes” is the second novel in the “Absolute Fantasy” series.




The poet Thomas Binnory, the king’s favorite, dies of mental illness. All the efforts of healers and medical magicians are in vain. Only a harpy, a bird woman, an inhabitant of a reservation on the Strofadsky Islands, can save the unfortunate. But will she agree, remembering how people fought with her tribe, forcing them out of their ancestral lands? And if she agrees, what will Kelena the Grimly do with the poet, knowing that the most experienced sorcerers of Rettii are not able to notice the impact of the harpy? Everyone is watching the winged guest – Nexus, the private demonologist Kruchek, the captain of the life guards Sternblad, the thief Chris-Fidget, Professor Isidora Gorgauz, in the past – abusive magician…

The novel “Harpy” continues the cycle “Absolute Fantasy”


Three tales of miracles

Are miracles possible in a world permeated through with magic? In a world where certified sorcerers live, where magic is called High Science and is used everywhere? Do not rush to draw conclusions – the sorcerers also may face a miracle that goes beyond his power. A mental backbone parasite clings to the young blademaster. Dreamulle, an octopus-like dream bearer, torments a vampire sleeping in a coffin at night. The grandson of the Sorrento hysteria and the Blind Cyclops is born a madman, the owner of a destructive third eye. But the H. L. Oldie would not be true to themselves if eternal human problems did not stand behind this feast of fantasy. How much is a moment of mercy worth? How much is honor and courage now? By what measure shall we measure victory over ourselves?

The collection includes the stories “Parasite”, “The Dreamulle of Reginald the Vampire” and “Sheller”, as well as the cycle of stories “Watch of the Seven Archices”. All works of the collection are included in the cycle “Absolute Fantasy”.