“The Golden Bow” – new chapter in Ancient Greek series

A new book by Henry Lion Oldie  – “The Golden Bow”. Next chapter in fantasy series based on Ancient Greek mythology.

Books published in Russian in hardcover by “Azbooka” Publisher. Inside black-white illustrations by Alexander Semiakin. The cover painting by Vladimir Bondar.


Volume 1: If a Hero Comes

Not everyone is given to visit the Ether. So say, languishing with envy, the inhabitants of Athens and Sparta, Thebes and Argos. Here, in the rich Ether, the mistress of trade routes, where the famous horseman Glaucus rules, Glaucus’ father, the great cunning Sisyphus, returns from the kingdom of the dead. The terrible Chimera also flies here to set fire to the temples. The winged horse Pegasus also visits these parts to drink from a sacred spring in the city square. Here the interests of the gods will converge: the crafty Hermias, the wise Athena and the quick-tempered Poseidon.

And in Ether lives a little Hipponus, the son of Glaucus and the grandson of Sisyphus. The one who is later recognized under the name of Bellerophon – Thrower-Killer. Here his bright, violent, tragic fate will begin, and where its completion is listed only on the knees of the gods.


Volume 2: Anything Happen

Not everyone is given to visit the Ether. But it is here that the wanderings of the young Hipponus, nicknamed Bellerophon, the Thrower-Killer, will begin. Where do his roads lead? To the fortified Argos and overseas Lycia, to the Red Island, the abode of Gorgons and giants, to the skies where the fire-breathing Chimera rules. Roads lead to a future hidden behind thunderclouds and a past that is reluctant to reveal its secrets.

Is everything in this world decided by lightning?

Bellerophon, hero and wanderer. Winged horse Pegasus, overtaking the wind. Giant Chrysaor Golden Bow. The lives of these three are more connected than they think. Even stronger than it seems to the mighty gods of Olympus.