Reprints in omnibus format

“Azbooka” published omnibus (all-in-one) version of epic novels “The Powerful One” and “The Cyclopus”. Both books have two volumes previously published in separate books. Books published in series “World of Fantasic”.

Your nickname is the White Youth. You were born a bogatyr, a powerful one. So what? The usual thing. You are not the first, you are not the last. At ten, you hit a crow right in the eye, and punch a bear in the ear. It remains only to visit the Forge and acquire heroic armor. Life is beautiful, ahead are battles and feats. And it was necessary for one of the envious to mention aloud the name of your brother, whom you don’t know about, and the family doesn’t even want to talk about! From this moment on, your life is shattered, and the pieces fly into the Abyss of Death, to the three iron cradles. Your fiancée is kidnapped by a giant from the Underworld, your sister is kidnapped by the giant’s younger brother, and you are offered the sister of the kidnappers as a wife – more of a monster than a woman. After all, the family saga, as the wise, sighted blind man Saryn-toyon says, is much more dangerous and meaner than any legends about exploits.

The novel “The Powerful One” invites the reader to the fantastic Three Worlds, where behind the revived legends of antiquity stands the ghost of the “theory of time” of academician Kozyrev – a living legend of our century.

Science fantasy based on myths and legends of Nordic cultures. Consists of two parts:

Once in the dungeons of Shannuran, where the monstrous Black Widow rules, three came together: the boy Crush, the adopted son of the Widow, the great magician Simon the Flame and the adventurer Vulm from Segentarra. Twenty years later, fate brings them together again. The boy has grown up, responds to the nickname Cyclops and wears a leather band that covers his forehead. The magician after the battle with the demon is seriously ill – and is forced to seek help from the Cyclops. As for the adventurer, he learned well that only dragons have the last laugh. In winter, in the snows that have filled up the gloomy city of Ter-Teset, this trinity will be hot. The amulet tuner Ines di Salvare dies, turned into a monster by her illness, and Cyclops, Ines’s faithful servant, decides to continue his mistress’ studies, which has been laughed at by the area’s strongest wizards…

The authors dedicated the novel “Cyclops” to Robert Howard, one of the fathers of modern fantasy. However, the scenery of “sword and magic” only emphasizes the realism of the story.

Dark fantasy in the world of scietific magic. Trubute to Robet E. Howard. Consists of two parts: