“Rescue Rangers” by Henry Lion Oldie in Hungarian

SF short story by Henry Lion Oldie “Rescue Rangers” has been published in Hungarian translation in SF & Fantasy magazine “Galaktika” (“Galaxy”), in issue 389, August 2022. You can find three links below: to the description of this issue of the magazine (1) and to its electronic (2) and paper (3) versions on the website of the Hungarian publishing house Metropolis Media, the publisher of “Galaktika” magazine.

Just in case, we remind you that the story “Rescue Rangers” was included in the same-titled charity collection of Ukrainian science fiction and fantasy (2022), and also included in Slovakian charity anthology “Fantastická Ukrajina” (2022). Also this summer the story was published in English in the American magazine “FUTURE. Science Fiction Digest”. The publication of the story “Rescue Rangers” in French is expected. And after the New Year, we intend to please our Ukrainian readers with the author’s translation of “Rescue Rangers” into Ukrainian.

1 The description of this issue

2 Electronic version

3 Paper version