“Small Circle” by H. L. Oldie is published in three languages

The Polish literary journal / magazine “Radar”, which was published in 2010-2014, is resuming its activities with a special issue after an almost nine-years hiatus. This is a trilingual (Polish-Ukrainian-German) edition, to which authors, translators, scholarship recipients of Willy Deciusha, who collaborated with “Radar” earlier, and whose world was completely changed as a result of the war that Russia started against Ukraine, have been invited to take part in this issue. The editors of the magazine also invited some new authors. In particular, a fragment of the short story “Small Circle” by Henry Lion Oldie was published in three languages in this edition. (Unfortunately, the story turned out to be too large for full publication). According to the magazine publishers, this issue will help people from different countries to hear and better understand each other.

The link to the complete text of the short story “Small Circle” in Ukrainian and in Russian (+ audio version)