“Nuancers”, a new historical mystic novel by Henry Lion Oldie is just published in Russian in hard cover by “Azbooka” Publisher.

Inside black-white illustrations by Alexander Semiakin. The cover painting by Eugeniy Deko.


A well-known industrialist and amateur actor Konstantin Alekseev comes to the city of X. The old fortune-teller Zaikina recently died here, who for no reason bequeathed her apartment to Konstantin. On the day of arrival, a mysterious bank robbery takes place: a cashier is killed, the killer fled the scene of the crime. And in the apartment bequeathed by the fortune teller, they are already waiting for Alekseev, and from that moment on, not a single trifle, not a single nuance will turn out to be an accident, an empty coincidence for him.

Oh yes, one more addition: the 19th century is coming to an end in the yard.

The new novel by H. L. Oldie is historical and fantastic at the same time, permeated through and through with the realities of time and eternal problems. Masks grow on faces, people, events, things – everything lines up in a single mise-en-scene, and if you give a good applause after the curtain closes the stage, the actors may come out to bow to the reader.