Back Door

A new book by Henry Lion Oldie – “Back Door” is just published in Russian in hard cover by “Azbooka”.

Wester and fantasy in under the same cover.

Inside black-white illustrations by Alexander Semiakin. The cover painting by Vladimir Bondar.

Back Door

Ruth Shimmer carries two revolvers: one fires lead, the other fires curses and accidents. Joshua Redman’s revolvers are the most ordinary, but he has a guardian angel, or maybe not an angel at all. When Ruth and Josh first met, a heavy chandelier fell on the guy. Wild West, sir, what can not happen here! Here traveling agents buy sparks from Indians and Chinese emigrants – tiny useless miracles, and financiers and industrialists turn luck like a ferris wheel.

The Old World is on fire. He has long gone mad, becoming unsuitable for life. But the New World is still holding on! Like wormholes, all pitted with backdoors, from where all sorts of dirty tricks climb, the Wild West shifts its hat to the back of its head and is ready to shoot at everything that moves.

What’s that moving there, sir?