New anthologies: in English and in French

Here come the cobblers with their boots! 🙂
I mean Oldie writers with author’s copies of books: the American science fiction collection “THE DIGITAL AESTHETE. Human Musings on the Intersection of Art and AI” and the French collection of prose and diary notes “NOUS SOMMES VIVANTS!” Many thanks to Alex Shvartsman (USA) and Viktoriya et Patrice Lajoye (France)!
And Alex Shvartsman also sent from the USA branded backpacks “FUTURE. Science Fiction Digest”. These are very useful backpacks. You can put anything you want in them. 🙂 So we did it. In the third and fourth photo you can find the monumental anthology “THE LAST TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN. Volume 20: Fin de Ci󠌀󠌁écle”, the French magazine “GALAXIES” and different editions of our stories and poems from 2022-23 in Ukrainian.
In general, life goes on, in spite of everything. New editions are being prepared. Let’s be alive!