H. L. Oldie’s short story is the BSFA Award nominee!

“The Unknown Painter” short story by Henry Lion Oldie and translated by Alex Shvartsman is the BSFA (The British Science Fiction Association) Award nominee (“Best Short Story” nomination)! The short list was just posted. “The Unknown Painter” has been translated into English by Alex Shvartsman and published in «THE DIGITAL AESTHETE. Human Musings on the Intersection of Art and AI» science fiction anthology edited by Alex. Thanks a lot to Alex Shvartsman! As far as we know (we may be wrong, but it’s unlikely), this is the first story from Ukraine, and it seems from all post-USSR countries, to be nominated for the BSFA Award, and for an English-language SF/Fantasy award in general!
“The Unknown Painter” has been also published in Ukrainian in “Rise and Go” author’s collection by H. L. Oldie (“Folio” publisher, Ukraine, 2023) and in Ukrainian and in Russian in two editions of “The Door into Winter” author’s collection by H. L. Oldie (“Freedom Letters” publisher, Great Britain, 2023). This short story is also published on H. L. Oldie’s author’s website “OldieWorld” in Ukrainian, in Russian and as an audio-version.