Fantastická Ukrajina

Martin Roger Kralik, publisher of e-books and science fiction magazine from Slovakia, some time ago launching crowdfunding project: a collection of fantasy stories by Ukrainian writers translated into Slovak. All funds raised from this project will go to help Ukrainian refugees who are now in Slovakia. Martin invited H.L.Oldie to participate in this project – and they, of course, agreed and sent four short stories to Martin.

Campaign succesfully completed and now digital version of book available for readers.


  • Henry Lion Oldie “Moanga”
  • Marina and Sergey Dyachenko “Marta”
  • Valery Verkhovsky “Silver and gold”
  • K.A. Terina “Medusa”
  • Maria Galina “Smugglers”
  • Grigory Shvidenko “Incubator”
  • Andrey Bessonov “Memory of blood”
  • Anna Mikhalevskaya “El Jazair must be destroyed”
  • Marina Gordeychuk “The price of the lute”
  • Ernest Marini “Together”
  • Henry Lion Oldie “Rescuers”

From Martin Roger Kralik:

Thanks a lot for your stories in the first Slovak anthology of Ukrainian speculative fiction. At crowdfunding we earned 1500 euro which was distributed to the organization Pod kridlami anjelov (Under wings of Angels), which cooked for ukrainian refugees at Slovakia, then bought them meat and medicaments. Some of these funds were also used for activities for children from orphanages in Summy.
We had a little bit more work with anthology, as my colleague, who is doing layouts, had covid, then I had covid and there was still a lot of work with translations. Final version of the anthology was sent last week to crowdfunders. Today I’ve published it free to read and download after registration here . But everything is in Slovak language.
Thank a lot one more time
Have a nice Day
Martin Kralik, owner of Rogerbooks

P. S. from Henry Lion Oldie:

A lot of thanks to Martin Roger Kralik, to all authors of the anthology, to «Under Wings of Angels» and to all concerned people who donated to this anthology and who help Ukraine at all! We took part in this project, we have read all short stories for this Anthology, and it’s a good Anthology, as to our minds.