“Oikoumene” trilogy-novel by H. L. Oldie: the complete publication in Ukrainian

“Oikoumene” trilogy-novel (Space Symphony) by H. L. Oldie has been complitely published in Ukrainian translation on Authors’ website “OldieWorld”.

Oikoumene” is an adventure space opera trilogy-novel. A far future, many different planets, different human races, space travels, adventures and battles, secret intrigues, scientific researches, dangerous continuum fluctuations, strong and charismatic characters. And so-called Antises: a rare kind of people who can transform their material body into wavelike form and travel in space and hyper-space without spaceships or spacesuits.

“Oikoumene” trilogy-novel on Authors’ website “OldieWorld” in Ukrainian

“Oikoumene” trilogy-novel on Authors’ website “OldieWorld” in Russian