“The Puppet Master” – third part of “Oikoumene” novel in Ukraninan translation

Lorina Filonenko translated in Ukraninan third part of “Oikoumene” novel – “The Puppet Master”.

Official e-book shop “Oldie World” started publication in “ongoing” format. Currently published prologue and first chapter. New chapters will be released twice a week – on Tuesday and Friday.

Group of Vekhden’s terrorists kidnap Luchano, Julia, and two children, known as the twins-Gematers. The terrorists’ starship also comes across the hydras. Now the kidnappers and their hostages have to work together to survive. Their group lands on a planet and gets trapped by a local and maniacal sheriff. Luchano and the terrorists work together to escape from the planet.

Strange and complicated events happen with the mutilated Antis, who makes an unexpected appearance during the adventures. It is discovered that the Antis used to be the Leader of Antises in the Vekhden Empire. The Antis and the twins-Gematers grow close to Luchano due to his extraordinary gifts. Finally, Luchano helps the Antis return to his normal form and regain his abilities; the Gematers-twins find their father, the professor who experimented with interracial sexual liaisons. Then Luchano, Julia, and several of their new friends find a method to create Antises from ordinary people of different races. At the end, their discoveries make all of the people in the Galaxy potential Antises with the ability to live and travel as wavelike forms throughout the Universe.