The novel «ShMagic» by H. L. Oldie in English on «OldieWorld» website

Dear friends!

Today «OldieWorld» website opens a new publication. According to your wishes, with the kind permission of the translators, the novel «ShMagic» («Magic-ShMagic», ironic adventure fantasy) has been published on our site. Some time ago the novel «The Songs of Peter Slyadek» in English and the duology-novel «Magiosi» («La Loi des mages») in French also have been published on our site.

Some other translations may be published in the foreseeable future.

Welcome by the link:

By this link you can choose a regular or illustrated edition of the novel.

A part of the income will be traditionally passed to help for Ukrainians who suffered from hostilities in the war started by Russia against Ukraine.

The site administration has set several different prices for this book. Choose the one that suits you.

Let’s help to each other and survive together.