The Angel named Hunch

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We’d like to present you a charity collection consist of only one short story. It’s a new short story by Henry Lion Oldie “THE ANGEL NAMED HUNCH” in Russian, in Ukrainian and in English (in authors’ translations) as well as an audio recording performed by Oleg Ladyzhensky (in Russian). As a bonus – Oleg Ladyzhensky recorded an audio version of the text in Russian. You can find all of these on our official ebook shoop – Oldie World.

It’s a mystical / realistic fiction story on a material of the current Russia’s war against Ukraine.

All income received for this story will be passed for humanitarian relief to Ukrainians who have suffered from the war started by Russia against Ukraine. For medications, food, etc., and transporting that all. For medications primarily. Our website administration set some different prices for this story / collection. So, you can choose a price most comfortable for you. But if you want to give more essential help, you can bye any number of collection / story copies to enlarge your charity donation.

Let’s help to each other and survive together.

Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky (H. L. Oldie).

Levchenko noticed his hunch at the first shelling their company had come under. Something had pushed him from inside: Fall down! He fell where he stood, in the middle of the street, as if on cue. Then he rolled back against the fence and yelled: “Get down!” And already under the fence, with his nose pressed in last year’s stunted grass, his hands covering his head, he felt sick because of the ridiculous fear if the guys might laugh at him: “What are you afraid of, you fool? Nothing is flying…”

It came. Two were dead, and four wounded. Everyone who, without thinking, had fallen after Levchenko, remained unharmed.

Then there was more. “You’ve got a hunch,” Senior Lieutenant Rednichenko had said. He looked at Levchenko with a look of respect mixed with a slight daze; he smoothed his lopsided mustache, which he had let go with the start of the war, and repeated:

“I’m telling you, telling you. Come on, take care of yourself. You’re a living warning system now. So stay alive. We all need your hunch.”

“I will be okay,” Levchenko smirked. “I have a hunch, you told me, didn’t you?”

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