H. L. Oldie’s book “Invasion” in Ukrainian and in Russian

Dear friends!
Freedom Letters Publishing House just published H. L. Oldie’s book “Invasion” in publisher’s series “Words of Ukraine”. The book consists of the 2022 diaries of Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhenskij, as well as two new short stories: “Get Up and Go” and “The Pet”.
The book is published in two versions: in Ukrainian and Russian, in electronic and paper form.
Also we want to remind you that Freedom Letters Publishing House published a collection of new short stories by H. L. Oldie “The Door into Winter” and a collection of poems by Oleg LadyzhenskijThe Ballad of Soldiers“. Yo can find an information on these books, including direct links, on the website of the Freedom Letters Publishing House.
P.S. The first edition of the diaries “Invasion, Journal d’Ukrainiens pacifiques” was published in January 2023 by Les Belles Lettres Publishing House (France). Translation into French: Patrice et Victoriya Lajoye.

The links to all versions of this book:

E-book in Ukrainian

E-book in Russian

Paper book in Ukrainian

Paper book in Russian