The Cyclops. Vol. 1: Monsters Were Kind to Me

The Cyclops. Vol. 1: Monsters Were Kind to Me
Author: Henry Lion Oldie
Publish: 2012
Language: Russian
Reader's Review: Dark fantasy.

RU. Novel, 2012.

Dark fantasy.

Once in the dungeons of Shannuran, where the monstrous Black Widow rules, three came together: the boy Crush, the adopted son of the Widow, the great magician Simon the Flame and the adventurer Vulm from Segentarra. Twenty years later, fate brings them together again. The boy has grown up, responds to the nickname Cyclops and wears a leather band that covers his forehead. The magician after the battle with the demon is seriously ill – and is forced to seek help from the Cyclops. As for the adventurer, he learned well that only dragons have the last laugh. In winter, in the snows that have filled up the gloomy city of Ter-Teset, this trinity will be hot. The amulet tuner Ines di Salvare dies, turned into a monster by her illness, and Cyclops, Ines’s faithful servant, decides to continue his mistress’ studies, which has been laughed at by the area’s strongest wizards…

The authors dedicated the novel “Cyclops” to Robert Howard, one of the fathers of modern fantasy. However, the scenery of “sword and magic” only emphasizes the realism of the story.

Published 2012 (Russia).