Songs of Peter Sliadek

Songs of Peter Sliadek
Author: Henry Lion Oldie
Publish: 2003
Translator: Irina and Michael Pevzner
Language: Russian, English
Reader's Review: Historic adventure poetic fantasy; Medieval Europe.

RU, EN. The novel-cycle of 12 novelettes, 2001-2003

Historic adventure poetic fantasy; Medieval Europe.

Traveling over many roads is Peter Sliadek, the wandering minstrel. Peter’s greatest gift? The ability to listen to people.
It’s his unique talent and his fateful journey; the heavy cross he bears. Time after time, he listens to the confessions of the people he meets.
A highway robber, a magician’s apprentice, and a naïve young girl play a literal game with fate -and try to win. A monk and a judge whirl about as opposite poles of a single duality. A genie appoints himself as the angelic conscience of a duplicitous merchant. The son of a fencing master fights swords with words and words with swords. The gauntlet of a wizard knight crawls through the palace chapel at night. The elusive Anika the Warrior fills mercenaries with terror. And finally, Death himself offers Peter a chance to play in the Last Game.

The plot of each novelette relates to a country to which Peter travels: Poland, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, and the Asian world with its florid tales and customs. Cassandra, Khoma Brut, the Borgia, Vlad Tepes, and Michelangelo are characters of alternative history Peter meets during his travels from one country to another one. Together with Peter, you can visit the radiance of Venice, the evil Black Wallachia, the cursed island Montecristo, and the free town of Guldenberg. Each place has its stories and miracles… And skeletons hidden in the closet.


Published 8 times from 2004 to 2011 (Ukraine, Russia, English)