A Hero Must Be Alone

A Hero Must Be Alone
Author: Henry Lion Oldie
Publish: 1995
Language: Russian, Ukranian
Reader's Review: Mythological heroic fantasy; Ancient Greece.

RU, UA. Novel, 1995.

Mythological heroic fantasy; Ancient Greece.

First book: "THE SACRIFICES"

The first book (written in the style that can be named "mythological realism") tells about a scarcely known period in the life of Hercules, the greatest hero of Ancient Greece: from his conceiving to the beginning of his famous deeds. The young Alcydes (such is the real name of Hercules) becomes the point where different interests are clashed: those of the Olympic family, of the Titans overthrown into the Tartar and the mysterious Fallen that shared the fate of the older generation of the Immortal as well as of many people. As the result the future hero and his twin brother Iphycles (whom Pindar, Homer and Appolodor remembered but the later authors have forgotten) become the hostages of alien intrigues. Attempt upon the life of Alсmene, the last beloved of Zeus the Thunderer even before she gave birth to the twins, ominous fits of madness that pursue the young hero from his childhood, the altars of the Obsessed by Tartar smoking with the blood of human sacrifices, a deadly dangerous secret that the earthly father of Alcydes, Amphitryon the grandson of Perseus, must keep all his life and even after his death; and all this accompanied with concrete, specific details of the period that later on the scientists will call the XIII century B. C.

The Amphitriad brothers, their mother Alсmene and father Amphitryon, Olympic gods, satyrs and centaurs are shown as live beings, without the conventional features well-known to everybody who is acquainted with adapted editions of Greek myths. The events and characters that are mentioned in the books only in passing come unexpectedly to the scene, and the pretty fairy-tale becomes a stern reality. The gods are tormented with doubts, the heroes shed tears, and the inexorable shadow of the Iron Age, cold and strange, hangs over the sunny Hellas.

Second book: "THE PRIESTS"

The second book tells about the events that took place after Hercules (with the help of his twin brother) fulfilled his famous twelve deeds (the deeds as such are but briefly mentioned).

Now Hercules must perform the most difficult deed: to overcome his own madness. Even the almighty gods cannot help him (indeed they are not too eager to help him). The gods need Hercules only as a weapon for the future apocalyptic battle with the tribe of Giants, unassailable for the Olympians but assailable for the mortal warriors.

And the hour of the decisive battle comes, and Hercules sees in reality the nightmares that pursued him during many years.

The brothers together with the gods win the battle. But after it the gods betray their saviors because their strength frightens them. And they begin to persecute the heroes systematically throughout Hellas.

Published 15 times from 1996 to 2014 (Ukraine, Poland, Russia).