All 12 stories of the new novel “THE BLACK DRIFTING SNOW” is on website now! Meet the final 12th story: “THREE STEPS UP”!

The website “OldieWorld” just finished publication of a new novel in twelve novellettes by Henry Lion Oldie: “THE BLACK DRIFTING SNOW” (written in January-November 2023; mystical thriller based on today war that Russia starts against Ukraine). Today we offer to your attention the final 12th story “Three Steps Up” in Russian and in Ukrainian (in author’ s translation), as well as an audio recording performed by Oleg Ladyzhenskij. The covers to all the novellettes are by Urszula H. Kuźma.

Now the publicatoin of the novel “THE BLACK DRIFTING SNOW” is comleted. You can find now all 12 stories of this novel on our website.