THEY WHO FOLLOWING ME: a new science fiction novelette by H. L. Oldie

Dear friends!
We’d like to present you a new science fiction novelette by Henry Lion Oldie “THEY WHO FOLLOWING ME” in Russian and in Ukrainian (in authors’ translation) as well as an audio recording performed by Oleg Ladyzhensky (in Russian).

It’s not “Hard SF”, but it’s definitely a kind of Science Fiction. 10 years in the future. A strange impenetrable wall of mist separates Russia from all other world. But what is the nature of this wall? Who (or what) and how created it, and on what physical principles it based? How long it will exist? And what happens behind it?

The novelette has two plot lines and two main characters. One plot line seems a fantasy, but “It’s not a “bug”, it’s a feature”. (c) 🙂 At whole it’s SF based on physics, psychology and some brain researches.

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