The theater play “SECOND HAND” by H. L. Oldie in three languages

The theater play “SECOND HAND” by Henry Lion Oldie was published today on the author’s website “OldieWorld” in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and German. Ukrainian translation by Serhii Fedorchuk, edited by H. L. Oldie. German translation by Dina Pohl and Falk Steinle.

The collected funds will go to help Ukrainians who have suffered from hostilities in the war started by Russia.

And in a few days the PREMIERE OF THE THEATER PERFORMANCESECOND HAND” will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine:

Performance “Second Handby studio “Fe.Nik.S.” at the “Black Square” theater will take place on January 13, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. in Kyiv. Address: cultural center “Art-Bratislava”, Kyiv, str. Oleksandra Arkhipenko, # 5.

It’s a philosophical comedy about… you. Who you were, who you will become. Who will you be after you stop being. And will you be a person you’ll become?


The play “Second Hand” on the “OldieWorld” website

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