A short story “Rescue Rangers” by H. L. Oldie in three languages (including English)

Dear friends!

About a year ago we make the first charity publication on our author’s website “OldieWorld”: a collection of short SF and Fantasy stories by Ukrainian authors “Rescue Rangers”. It was a very useful publication; our great thanks and regards to all authors and readers!

Reminding this event, now we’re publishing our same-named short story “Rescue Rangers” in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian (in Author’s translation) and English (translated by Julia Meitov Hersey), and audio-version in Russian. It’s also a charity publication. All income received for this story will be passed for humanitarian relief to Ukrainians who have suffered from the war started by Russia against Ukraine.

Our “OldieWorld” website administration set some different prices for this story. So, you can choose a price most comfortable for you. But if you want to give more essential help, you can bye any number of story copies to enlarge your charity donation.

Let’s help to each other and survive together.

Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky (H. L. Oldie).